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Our mission is to bring legacy buildings and facilities into the 4th Industrial Revolution through digital technologies that reduce their carbon footprints while saving building owners and operators significant expenses on the internal operating systems.

In addition to making buildings more comfortable and productive for its occupants, our company makes them more secure, as well. Because we can retrofit building with this connected to the Industrial Internet of Things [IIoT] building owners can extend the life of their buildings into the sustainable future.

Specifically, we are specialized in:

  1. Energy Procurement at reduced prices based on negotiating rates for 5,500 clients
  2. Reduction in Energy Demand through new building technologies such as replacing energy hogs like Fluorescent tubes with more efficiently rated LED ceiling lighting fixtures, with wiring known as Power over the Ethernet cables [PoE].
  3. Optimizing all machinery and connected equipment within the building with sensors while utilizing our special algorithms and analytics.
  4. Reducing the cost of solid waste disposal through contract negotiations and earning credits for recyclables.
  5. Reducing water demand with a special valve that reduces peak demand by suppressing high pressure surges.

In addition, our company can save commercial companies through significant discounts on Maintenance, Repairs, and Operational [MRO] purchases. With the negotiating power of so many customers, our company usually beats our client’s best negotiated pricing.

Because we believe in what we do there is no upfront cost for our products and services. We earn commissions on the savings we create for your company. If we can't save you money there is no charge for our services. When we save your company money we simply share in the savings. We lower your costs and pay you the difference, less half.

There are no CapEx investments...keep your cash for other projects.

We are ready to next the step to optimize your business.

Contact Glen Bowen at 281.703.8035, or email for more information at gbowen@energynetwork.com.

We are an energy management consulting company that provides comprehensive risk management services for its clients. The Energy Network Solutions executive team has developed a unique business model and methodology to provide its clients with sound, unbiased advice towards achieving the goal of reducing energy cost and consumption, GHG emissions, and price risk.

Our business model takes a holistic approach, focusing on both energy supply and demand components of commercial and industrial customers, thus creating a comprehensive energy management perspective. Energy Network has developed tremendous internal resources with extensive expertise and market knowledge in regulated and deregulated energy markets.We offer comprehensive energy management services to commercial and industrial sectors, bringing all the expertise and experience needed to help new and current customers face the Global New Energy Paradigm.

In summary, Energy Network Solutions key areas of expertise and business model include:

> Utility Bill Management and Data Analysis
> Tariff/Rate Optimization and Commodity Contract Negotiation
> Price Risk Management and Budget Development
> Benchmarking and Disclosure
> Supply Chain Reporting
> Clean Energy Market Advice

> Project Identification and Rollout Strategy
> Infrastructure Advisory
> Investment Grade Project Development
> Turn-key Project Construction Management

Facility expansion and new construction brings with it a unique set of issues that will represent a major challenge to many companies. That’s where we come in.

Working on your company’s behalf, we ensure that you are paying the right amount for your facility needs to bring the right energy solution to your business. We analyze all actual and future infrastructure projects to determine if the pass-through costs from the utility are fair and reasonable.

When and how you buy your energy matters—even under regulated utility service. But, how do you make sense of the energy market, manage volatility, stay on budget and still run your business? Who’s looking out for your best interests? Energy procurement has evolved into enterprise-wide risk management, with its own set of skills and time commitment. ​The increasingly competitive business environment requires you to engage the right partner to assist you in understanding and effectively managing all of your energy-related risks with a comprehensive approach. You need a trusted partner that maintains relationship with key suppliers, yet maintains its independence in order to secure the best possible solution for its clients. Our rate optimization service delivers the critical insight you need to make informed sourcing decisions with the best results.

> Identify procurement options and negotiate energy contracts
> Use all available hedging tools to guard against price volatility
> Select best contract timing period and length of contract
> Plan and implement energy price risk management strategies
> Audit for billing errors and irregularities on an ongoing basis

At Energy Network, we believe sustainability means reducing your energy usage and spend through an effective risk management approach.

It’s more than just efficiency improvements or conservation efforts. In fact, it can impact every aspect of your energy supply and demand activities. We can help you define, integrate and meet your sustainability objectives. Energy Network provides sustainability services aimed at helping our clients meet their requirements and needs.

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